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Nutrition plays a vital role in our life. In our journey from the cradle to the end, we are dependent on nutrition for a good quality of life.

We need good food habits to transform our weaknesses and illnesses to strengths and health.

Apart from maintaining good health, nutrition also plays an important role in the physical attributes that make us look more attractive as well.

The significance of nutrition doesn't end just there! Our food habits also affect the emotions and moods that we experience.

So, good food habits that help us accomplish healthy nutritional status will positively affect the physical, physiological as well as mental aspects of our life.

Many people pay little  attention to something as crucial as nutrition in our daily life.

This is one of the several things most people take for granted, until one day we can't anymore.

For some people who want to learn more about nutrition and incorporate it in their lifestyle to become and stay healthy, the biggest challenge comes in the form of sources of information.

Unfortunately in this internet- information day and age, finding credible information is becoming a challenge.

Food habits are one of those aspects that are highly diverse even among people in the same household or a family.

So it becomes even more difficult to contextually understand and apply all that available information to oneself.

Dr Lahari Surapaneni, Nutritionist, Hyderabad
Credit : Rina Piccolo

As a qualified and experienced nutritionist, Dr. Lahari Surapaneni believes that it is her social responsibility to provide people with scientifically credible food and nutrition information as well as guide people to health using personalized nutrition as a tool.

As an organization, 'Nutriful You' is committed to help people achieve their health goals by providing them the diet plans that are customized to their requirements.

In this process, we also provide knowledge related to nutrition which will empower the people to make healthy food choices through out their lives to lead a better quality of life.

To accomplish this at various levels, we at 'Nutriful You' offer a wide range of services such as individual diet plans, corporate plans, group or community plans to name a few.