I was never inclined to consult a nutritionist to plan my diet, for I thought the best he/she would suggest is all “salads” and “vegetables” or food which is not routinely prepared at home- for I depend on home made food for most of my meals and I don’t prefer spending a lot on “external” healthy food.

When I was introduced to Dr. Lahari Surapaneni, I met her with the same skepticism, only to be pleasantly surprised post an hour of session with her. The entire diet plan she provided for me- to reduce my weight and body fat percentage (our primary goal)- was home-made (barring skim milk and eggs, I need to purchase from outside) and more importantly in-line with my regular eating habits- cost-effective and convenient to prepare. The other advantage with her is that she customizes the diet to your lifestyle.

Whenever I travel (on a business trip or for a vacation), she comes out with the plan that perfectly suits the place and occasion I’m in. Thanks to her well-planned diet and regular exercising, I was able to cut down 4kgs and 2% fat in a month’s time. And I’m very sure I will be reaching the goal we have set pretty soon. Thanks Lahari for your customized diet plans. They are working for me!”

Most of us think that we know a lot about foods and diet, plus we have a lot of information available online. But, we are not sure of the credibility of the information and also how to use the available information. here comes the program handy that you take and the credentials that Dr Lahari Surapaneni has.

To begin with, there are no drastic changes made into your diet. You are allowed to follow your familiar diet but with little healthy tweaks. So, it doesn’t really feel like you are doing anything so out of ordinary or out of your comfort zone.

However, because of the small tweaks, you will start observing changes in your health and the way you feel through out the day. Slowly other life style changes such as exercise are introduced into the plan which will help you do better overall in all spheres of your life.

It all boils down to being mindful of your eating habits and activity which translates to an improved quality of life. That’s how nutriful you helps you

Rajasekhar Reddy

I don’t eat much – still I am over weight , Air makes me put on weight , I don’t even eat out , only ghar ka Khanna then also I keep putting on weight – I am sure many like me too keep thinking the same .

I came across Dr Lahari Surapaneni during Airtel Hyderabad Marathon , with all above One more thought which lingered my mind was – I run still I put on weight .Why ? So with all the above thoughts n loads of increasing weight I called Dr Lahari Surapaneni , n went to meet her . She takes out a paper n writes what all I eat , leaving me shocked to see what my diet is giving me – tons of Sugar , high carbs , main cause of all my trouble .

By now , I was wondering why why did I have to come now all Khanna pina will be banned . Again I get shocked when Doc explains me the corrected diet , no starving , no cutting down of food , lots of eating n still losing weight .

The first 15 days of the corrected diet helped me reduce 5 kgs . I never feel I am on a diet , I don’t have to stay hungry , I do eat out , i still lose weight . I thank Doc , to introduce me to such a lovely way of transiting to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle .

Anjali Joshi

I have put on a lot of weight in the recent years and recently i tried mutiple methods to put down weight. Trying to make exercise but having a lot of weight making me trouble to start it, i decided to put down weight in a healthy way with making changes in food intake. I tried to make my own diet cutting off rice or having more fruits but either i feel too low on energies or i am eating things that dint give enough energy. I tried methods from Internet but more often either they are general gyan pieces or something not tailored to me. I ended up breaking the attempt with some junk food and vicious cycle of putting up and trying to go down continued.

When i went for consultation with Dr.Lahari Surapaneni, she took all aspects of my daily food and activity habits in detail. Asked me what foods are available for me daily and made changes in quantities in them itself. She explained me why these foods are important and how much total day calories would come to (mine was 1500 while actual burn was 2000 so i am in a 500 calories difference which is healthy if you take more protein and energy giving foods).

This made me realize, eating anything else out of diet or junk food will cover that difference and i might not be putting down weight that day. Every time i want to eat junk food now, i would say to myself, i will just skip it just this time and it worked wonders for me(unlike previously saying myself, i will eat just this time) She helped me drop weight consistently with her advice(1kg every 2 weeks). Whenever i had doubts on eating different foods when i travel in city for work, i could just ask her so i could learn the substitutes too in short time. She even told me that i can have junk once in a while if i wanted to(which i dint do since i know it will put on again) so that i wont feel hard on myself.

She focused on me having a healthy life style rather than just trying to help me on putting down weight. First 3 weeks i had cravings for junk food after which i dint feel like having junk anymore(i make tasting sessions in parties or family functions though). I have put down 7kgs in last 3.5 Months.

My friends and office colleagues could see the changes in me and they are saying i am looking much active now while previously i used to lose all my energies my 5-6pm in evening(Some times when i feel tired now and tell my friends, they say i am not looking tired as much as i tell them, i actually like that a lot when they say it 😀 ). These all are giving me more boost for me.

Over all, i am still continuing to take advice from her and will take it till i come to my normal BMI. I am in no hurry to put down all at once(like many companies advertise) since i know i am dropping kilos consistently in a healthy way while building a healthy life style for myself in the long term(probably helpful for my next 40-50 year).

Manoj Surya

The idea of losing weight got me to running. However, I realized that even after rigorous workout sessions, I was not losing weight at the rate which I wanted to.

After Airtel Hyderabad Marathon was over, I was concerned that I would again gain weight which I have lost. At that very juncture, Hyderabad Runners came with an information that it is very important not to loose fitness in the off season and recommended to meet Dr. Lahari Surapaneni, the dietician. I found the idea really interesting and met Dr. Lahari. Before meeting her.

I was under the impression that dieting was only for weight loss, but during the course of the meeting Dr. Lahari explained me that how right kind of diet is essential to have a healthy body. She explained that weight loss is not the only thing that one should be concerned about, but the real concern should be to improve the metabolism of the body. I followed the diet plan recommended by Dr. Lahari for about four months and could feel the difference.

I felt the difference as my digestion improved and I did not gain any weight in spite of being injured and not working out as I was. Having the positive effect of the diet plan in mind, I approached Dr. Lahari once again on 11.03.17 as I wanted to loose weight in order to improve my timing for Half Marathon. I am following that plan for about 15 days and I have lost 3 kilos without feeling starved.

I am hopeful that in coming 2 to 3 months I will achieve my weight loss goal and stay healthy as well. Unique Feature of the Diet Plan:-I would like to mention specifically here that the best thing about the diet plan is that it does not require us to go out of the way and have something which we generally do not eat in our day to day life.

Dr. Lahari’s diet plan is unique in this respect , that she choose from the stuff we eat in our day to day life and can be easily prepared at home. In addition to this the diet plan takes care of our day to day activities and suggests what to eat depending on the level of activity on a particular day. This makes following the diet plan more practical easy to be followed in our day to day life without any extra effort.

I would surely like to be associated with Dr. Lahari for my future endeavors of achieving better fitness levels and maintaining good health.

Abhijeet Dubey

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by miracle cures and weight loss, Dr. Lahari has managed to help me wade through the clutter and get my life back on track. I cannot say enough good things about her, she is that professional who goes for the extra mile. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about nutrition & food but also the science behind it.
My initial goal when I started running was to lose few extra kilos I gained over past 2 years because of irregular schedule and lifestyle but running alone didn’t help me much. But when I started my diet plan a month ago with Dr. Lahari it was not about just short term weight loss, but rather to learn how to maintain a healthy way to eat long term that was not about food deprivation. After listening to my needs she provided me with a diet plan which was flexible and easy to make at home. Unlike other dietitians out there she does pay a lot of attention to your daily body and diet needs. She also wouldn’t exert any peer pressure on you about following the plan exactly, instead motivate you to give your best. So there is always a cheat day around the corner (just kidding). And here I’m after a month of diet plan and running I lost 7 kgs and body fat percentage by 5.6%.Yup even I couldn’t believe my eyes. For me it’s not about weight loss any more but it’s more about healthy lifestyle and I extremely thank Dr. Lahari for this.

Dr.Lahari is well organised and an extremely well read and educated dietitian who provides a customised weight loss or healthy eating diet plan to a range of clients. She follows-up her patients regularly and will change the diet plan when the changes are not going as desired or when you have a travel scheduled. She is excellent at what she does and I recommend her as the best dietitian around the corner.


Sreedhar Jasti

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