The idea of losing weight got me to running. However, I realized that even after rigorous workout sessions, I was not losing weight at the rate which I wanted to.

After Airtel Hyderabad Marathon was over, I was concerned that I would again gain weight which I have lost. At that very juncture, Hyderabad Runners came with an information that it is very important not to loose fitness in the off season and recommended to meet Dr. Lahari Surapaneni, the dietician. I found the idea really interesting and met Dr. Lahari. Before meeting her.

I was under the impression that dieting was only for weight loss, but during the course of the meeting Dr. Lahari explained me that how right kind of diet is essential to have a healthy body. She explained that weight loss is not the only thing that one should be concerned about, but the real concern should be to improve the metabolism of the body. I followed the diet plan recommended by Dr. Lahari for about four months and could feel the difference.

I felt the difference as my digestion improved and I did not gain any weight in spite of being injured and not working out as I was. Having the positive effect of the diet plan in mind, I approached Dr. Lahari once again on 11.03.17 as I wanted to loose weight in order to improve my timing for Half Marathon. I am following that plan for about 15 days and I have lost 3 kilos without feeling starved.

I am hopeful that in coming 2 to 3 months I will achieve my weight loss goal and stay healthy as well. Unique Feature of the Diet Plan:-I would like to mention specifically here that the best thing about the diet plan is that it does not require us to go out of the way and have something which we generally do not eat in our day to day life.

Dr. Lahari’s diet plan is unique in this respect , that she choose from the stuff we eat in our day to day life and can be easily prepared at home. In addition to this the diet plan takes care of our day to day activities and suggests what to eat depending on the level of activity on a particular day. This makes following the diet plan more practical easy to be followed in our day to day life without any extra effort.

I would surely like to be associated with Dr. Lahari for my future endeavors of achieving better fitness levels and maintaining good health.