I don’t eat much – still I am over weight , Air makes me put on weight , I don’t even eat out , only ghar ka Khanna then also I keep putting on weight – I am sure many like me too keep thinking the same .

I came across Dr Lahari Surapaneni during Airtel Hyderabad Marathon , with all above One more thought which lingered my mind was – I run still I put on weight .Why ? So with all the above thoughts n loads of increasing weight I called Dr Lahari Surapaneni , n went to meet her . She takes out a paper n writes what all I eat , leaving me shocked to see what my diet is giving me – tons of Sugar , high carbs , main cause of all my trouble .

By now , I was wondering why why did I have to come now all Khanna pina will be banned . Again I get shocked when Doc explains me the corrected diet , no starving , no cutting down of food , lots of eating n still losing weight .

The first 15 days of the corrected diet helped me reduce 5 kgs . I never feel I am on a diet , I don’t have to stay hungry , I do eat out , i still lose weight . I thank Doc , to introduce me to such a lovely way of transiting to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle .