I have put on a lot of weight in the recent years and recently i tried mutiple methods to put down weight. Trying to make exercise but having a lot of weight making me trouble to start it, i decided to put down weight in a healthy way with making changes in food intake. I tried to make my own diet cutting off rice or having more fruits but either i feel too low on energies or i am eating things that dint give enough energy. I tried methods from Internet but more often either they are general gyan pieces or something not tailored to me. I ended up breaking the attempt with some junk food and vicious cycle of putting up and trying to go down continued.

When i went for consultation with Dr.Lahari Surapaneni, she took all aspects of my daily food and activity habits in detail. Asked me what foods are available for me daily and made changes in quantities in them itself. She explained me why these foods are important and how much total day calories would come to (mine was 1500 while actual burn was 2000 so i am in a 500 calories difference which is healthy if you take more protein and energy giving foods).

This made me realize, eating anything else out of diet or junk food will cover that difference and i might not be putting down weight that day. Every time i want to eat junk food now, i would say to myself, i will just skip it just this time and it worked wonders for me(unlike previously saying myself, i will eat just this time) She helped me drop weight consistently with her advice(1kg every 2 weeks). Whenever i had doubts on eating different foods when i travel in city for work, i could just ask her so i could learn the substitutes too in short time. She even told me that i can have junk once in a while if i wanted to(which i dint do since i know it will put on again) so that i wont feel hard on myself.

She focused on me having a healthy life style rather than just trying to help me on putting down weight. First 3 weeks i had cravings for junk food after which i dint feel like having junk anymore(i make tasting sessions in parties or family functions though). I have put down 7kgs in last 3.5 Months.

My friends and office colleagues could see the changes in me and they are saying i am looking much active now while previously i used to lose all my energies my 5-6pm in evening(Some times when i feel tired now and tell my friends, they say i am not looking tired as much as i tell them, i actually like that a lot when they say it 😀 ). These all are giving me more boost for me.

Over all, i am still continuing to take advice from her and will take it till i come to my normal BMI. I am in no hurry to put down all at once(like many companies advertise) since i know i am dropping kilos consistently in a healthy way while building a healthy life style for myself in the long term(probably helpful for my next 40-50 year).