Most of us think that we know a lot about foods and diet, plus we have a lot of information available online. But, we are not sure of the credibility of the information and also how to use the available information. here comes the program handy that you take and the credentials that Dr Lahari Surapaneni has.

To begin with, there are no drastic changes made into your diet. You are allowed to follow your familiar diet but with little healthy tweaks. So, it doesn’t really feel like you are doing anything so out of ordinary or out of your comfort zone.

However, because of the small tweaks, you will start observing changes in your health and the way you feel through out the day. Slowly other life style changes such as exercise are introduced into the plan which will help you do better overall in all spheres of your life.

It all boils down to being mindful of your eating habits and activity which translates to an improved quality of life. That’s how nutriful you helps you