I was never inclined to consult a nutritionist to plan my diet, for I thought the best he/she would suggest is all “salads” and “vegetables” or food which is not routinely prepared at home- for I depend on home made food for most of my meals and I don’t prefer spending a lot on “external” healthy food.

When I was introduced to Dr. Lahari Surapaneni, I met her with the same skepticism, only to be pleasantly surprised post an hour of session with her. The entire diet plan she provided for me- to reduce my weight and body fat percentage (our primary goal)- was home-made (barring skim milk and eggs, I need to purchase from outside) and more importantly in-line with my regular eating habits- cost-effective and convenient to prepare. The other advantage with her is that she customizes the diet to your lifestyle.

Whenever I travel (on a business trip or for a vacation), she comes out with the plan that perfectly suits the place and occasion I’m in. Thanks to her well-planned diet and regular exercising, I was able to cut down 4kgs and 2% fat in a month’s time. And I’m very sure I will be reaching the goal we have set pretty soon. Thanks Lahari for your customized diet plans. They are working for me!”